Nikki Lee Ezelle

Digital marketer, copy editor, content strategist and community manager. My passion rest in human connection and bringing likeminds together online and offline.

The Quilt Blog

In our realtime fast-paced world, we are engaged together in the digital world more often than not. With the evolution of smartphones and social networking, It’s become more common to see a group of close friends or family members in the same room each immersed in their smartphones. It’s where we live together, where we share, where we create. So, why not be immersed in our digital worlds together? That’s why we created Quilt, a timeless digital fabric built in realtime by you and the people yo

The Conception of Quilt

Quilt was born just over a year ago, during an exciting night out in San Francisco. It was a night to remember with great people and incredible food. A group of my friends met up at a Night Market, which is basically a food rave where live music and street vendors converge inside a club. As expected, most of us were on our smartphones the whole time; capturing photos of the venue, the food, each other. We checked into the venue, Tweeted about the live music, even captured footage of a live pig carving. Then shared all of this content across multiple social networks. It was a typical 21st century, ‘share-happy’, digital overload.